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"Art isn't a result. It's a journey. The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and soul." Seth Godin


Winding Down for the Holidays…
Dec 12, 2014

I always find myself in a sweet and sentimental mood when we reach¬†this time of year. The industry starts to shut down for the holidays, and I have time to reflect on the past year and the winding journey that brought me here. 2014 was an especially challenging year that took me miles off course…

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Press & Reviews

Me Gusta Magazine: Interview with Actress Rachel Noll on Her Debut Indie Film Don’t Pass Me By
Jul 04, 2014

She’s an actress, co-writer, and producer for her debut film Don’t Pass Me By, an independent movie about the intersecting lives of four women, and she made me cry.

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